Daniel Eyes & The Vibes is an American rock band based out of Austin, Texas.

In 2014, after recording several unreleased solo offerings, the band's primary vocalist, songwriter and guitar player, Daniel Eyes, formed The Vibes alongside drummer Cruz Crase. They recruited bassist, Russell Simonson, and rounded out the group's core rhythm section. The band entertains several lineup additions when playing live.  

The band’s songs could be described as “pop-structured rock n’ roll with a blues influence,” a description that distinguishes them from their contemporaries. By contributing to a specific legacy of prolific American songwriting and high-energy live performances, they've generated comparison to such artists as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, and the Rolling Stones. Moreover, Daniel Eyes’ knack for generating concise, tuneful pop nuggets keeps the band lingering in the minds of the audience far past their initial introduction. The band is currently touring in and around Austin, Texas and recording material for their debut release.